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Fashion Design - Architecture - 3D Animation - Digital Arts - Film Making - Performing Arts - Fine Arts - Sound Engineering - Interior Design - Graphic Design - Car and Transportation Design - Photography - Culinary Arts - Dance - Film, Tv and Digital Media - Game Design - Industrial Design - Visual Brand Design - Creative Drama - Screenwriting Producing - Acting and Global Theatre - Art History - Product Design
Who We Are

Europe’s leading art and design schools exhibition


INARTS is the one and only exhibition that brings together art and design universities and colleges from all over the world.


Without being lost in a wide range of international schools offering many disciplines, the participants of INARTS are able to express themselves internationally and to easily reach the right segment of the Turkish student market. Many high school and university students and graduates, interested only in art and design studies, visit the exhibition.


The popular subjects are fashion, architecture, performing arts, design, photography, film making, fine arts, digital arts, interior design, product and industrial design, game design, 3D animation, music, dance, transportation design, visual arts and culinary arts.


Globalization creates unexpected relationships in today's art education world and INARTS, pursuing its motto of "just art", aims to be the unique platform for the international art schools where they can easily meet large number of high quality art students and young professionals interested in short or long term art and design education.


Istanbul, having a long artistic history that spans the rise and fall of the world's most famous empires, gives us the inspiration we need.